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Get access to StudioFit Online's huge library of at-home fitness classes. StudioFit was founded by Pickleville's head choreographer Sharli Davis King and her husband Andy. Instructors include Sharli, Kenzie Davis, and many others who will be there 24/7 to help YOU achieve your fitness goals! Membership is completely free through January 15, 2021. Click the button below to "get your sweat on"!

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As a member of the 12 Days of Pickleville Christmas, StudioFit wants to invite you to share this free membership link with anyone you think would be interested in their unique brand of online fitness classes. Right-click the link above, or copy and paste this URL: https://bit.ly/37FtImE and share it with whomever you want! Anyone who registers will have access to StudioFit's full library of fitness classes through January 15th. Merry Christmas!